Introduction to Autism and ABA

This workshop will provide attendees with a basic understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). From the characteristics of autism to the functions of behavior, this ... Read more



Military service members and their families are resilient and resourceful, many also face unique challenges and have special considerations related to the service of their country. When military families have ... Read more

Special Education Eligibility

Want to learn more about how a student in Virginia becomes eligible for special education and related services? Join us as we talk about what state regulations require, share the ... Read more

The Hidden Curriculum

The Hidden Curriculum refers to the set of rules or guidelines that are often not directly taught but are assumed to be known (Garrett, 1984; Hemmings, 2000; Jackson, 1968; Kanpur, ... Read more

Early Childhood Academy – Spring 2022

You are your child’s first and most important teacher. Your involvement in the early years is essential to setting a strong foundation for their lifelong learning and success. In this ... Read more

Cumbre De Alcance 2022 Latinx

PEATC se complace en anunciar su 3ra Cumbre Anual de Alcance Latinx 2022 que se llevará a cabo el día Sábado 14 de Mayo en Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center en Richmond, Virginia. Esta ... Read more

Virginia Partners en Español

Join us every month for our Virginia Partners en Español meetings. A network created for professionals in the state of Virginia serving the Latinx community. A great opportunity for Virginia ... Read more