IEP University (IEPU)

The IEP process can be difficult and stressful. Everyone comes to the IEP table with thoughts of their personal responsibilities, perspectives, and individual concerns. IEP meetings can be places of ... Read more

Serie De Educación Especial En Español

PEATC presenta esta serie de talleres virtuales para padres y profesionales que desean aprender más sobre la educación especial en Virginia. ¡Regístrese una vez para asistir a algunos o todos ... Read more

The Power of Engaging Families

PEATC, in collaboration with Norfolk Public Schools, presents The Power of Engaging Families. Creating relationships between parents and schools, which focus on engaging the families of students with disabilities, positively ... Read more

Dispute Resolution Options in Virginia

This presentation will describe special education dispute resolution options, how they work, and when it may be best to use a specific option. Being knowledgeable will help you make the ... Read more

Anatomy of an IEP

Presented by PEATC in collaboration with Essex County Public School SEAC This presentation dissects the IEP, examines the parts individually, discusses the function of each section, and how the parts ... Read more

The Big Step: Early Intervention to Preschool

If your little one is currently receiving Early Intervention (EI) services, now is the time to start preparing for the transition to preschool and Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) services. ... Read more