Trainings & Workshops

PEATC workshops are made possible through Federal funding from the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs and private donations. Our Federal grants designate PEATC as the Statewide Parent Training and Information Center and Region B1 RSA-Parent Training and Information Center.

In order for PEATC to comply with our grant funding, we must ensure that at least 10 parents are registered to participate in each workshop so our program activities are well managed and Virginia’s families and professionals can continue to benefit from PEATC’s trainings.

PEATC will advertise our events.  It is vitally important that you, as the requester, also advertise the workshop to ensure sufficient participation. PEATC will create a flyer with the registration URL for you to use.  We ask that you stay in contact with PEATC as registration changes so that we can properly plan. PEATC will manage registration for the event. 

Any workshop request must provide a minimum of three weeks prior to the workshop/webinar date requested.

If you have questions, please call 800-869-6782 or email