Transition to Adulthood

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As students who have IEPs get older and progress through school, his/her special education program is required to focus more intentionally on preparing that student for life after high school.  In Virginia, this school transition planning must begin by age 14, but can begin even earlier.

For students, and their families, the thought of  TRANSITIONING from school services to the adult world can be overwhelming. Many are unsure of what is meant by transition services and wonder how to begin planning. There will be many types of plans to consider:  education, medical, planning for your child’s income, signing up for services, housing,  legal protections for your child, career, planning a social life, and more.

Your family doesn’t have to come up with all the right questions, answers, and put together the goals alone.  PEATC is here to help. 

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Transition University ~Register Here~

TU will offer a 5-session, self-paced online series to help parents and guardians navigate the transition process of their school-aged child and prepare for adulthood.

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Opens February 6, 2021 Closes March 26, 2021
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