Accommodations vs. Modifications

As with all IEPs, the transition IEP must include the accommodations or modifications required for  your child to be able to meet their goals and objectives and access their Course of Study.


Accommodations are changes to HOW your child learns. They don’t change what the child learns but instead ensures that they can access the program and materials. They don’t change requirements to understand the material or lower performance expectations. Accommodations are agreed to by the IEP or 504 team. They usually involve adjustments to timing (e.g., extra time for homework), scheduling, presentation (how things are taught), response (multiple-choice, T/F, etc.), and setting (where instruction takes place). If your child needs testing accommodations, they must be listed in the IEP.

Modifications are changes to WHAT your child learns.
They are made for students who are not participating in Virginia’s SOLs and who are not expected to learn the same material as their classmates without disabilities. Modifications are agreed to by the IEP team. They change the curriculum that is being taught, or the work that the student completes, or both. A student on a modified curriculum cannot get a Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma.

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