Why is Transition Planning Important?

When we think about our children as adults, what do we want for them?

  • To be happy,
  • To be as independent as possible,
  • To live and be included in their community,
  • To have friends and relationships,
  • To work and earn a paycheck,
  • To continue to learn,
  • To be healthy,
  • To have and make choices about their own lives.

Transition is an important time to explore and dream, to make plans, to begin to carry out those plans, and to change them whenever needed. All students have hopes and dreams, but students with disabilities may need more help with planning for post-secondary (after high school) education, employment, adult services, independent living, and community participation.

You may think, “Wow, we have to start planning for adulthood at age 14?” “How can a 14-year-old know what they want to do or be as an adult?” And it’s true, few of us at age 14 or even 18 knew what we wanted to do as adults. Your 14-year-old  may want to be a professional baseball player. Later they may decide they want to work in the back office of a baseball franchise. The plans your child makes will definitely change. But starting early gets everyone thinking and creating a vision for what the future can look like.

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