Benefits Planning

If your child is over 18 and receives SSI, Medicaid, and/or Medicare and is interested in working, or if they are already working and you are worried that they may lose their government benefits, you may want to check out benefits planning. Benefits planning can help you and your adult child see how working may affect their benefits. It can also help you learn how to use work incentives and other programs that allow the individual to keep their benefits and still be able to work. You can find out more about work incentives here.


There are two projects that receive federal funds to provide free counseling on work incentives. To access these services, call the SSA HelpLine at 1-866-833-2967 for assistance. You can also go to the website. DARS can also provide benefits counseling for their clients and benefits counseling is also available as a service under the DD Waivers.

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