Questions to Ask When Reviewing the Transition IEP

Once you and your child have set a course of action in place, there are some things to review and think about before finalizing the Transition IEP.

  • Does the Transition IEP contain one or more post-secondary goals for your child that reflect their interests, strengths, preferences, abilities?
  • Are the goals based on age and disability-appropriate transition assessments?
  • Are the goals in line with your child’s PLAAFP?
  • Are the goals standards-based and ambitious as well as realistic, clear, and understandable?
  • Can the goal(s)/objectives be measured?
  • Does the post-secondary goal(s) occur after your child graduates from high school?
  • Are there supporting annual IEP goals that reasonably support the child to meet the postsecondary goal(s) or make progress toward meeting the goal(s)?
  • Does the course of study match up with the student’s post-secondary goals?
  • Do the transition services in the IEP focus on improving your child’s ability to move from high school to post-high school?
  • Do these transition services listed relate to a type of instruction, related service, community experience, employment, or other post-school adult living objective (and if appropriate independent living skills)?
  • Does the plan show a multi-year advancement (progression)?
  • Are people from other agencies invited to the Transition IEP meetings when transition services are being discussed that are likely to be coordinated, provided, or paid for by these other agencies?
  • Is the ultimate outcome of the Transition Plan clear?

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