Vocational Rehabilitation Dispute Resolution

VR agencies such as DARS and DBVI cannot discriminate against applicants or clients. If an individual involved with the VR agencies believes they have been discriminated against, they can file an OCR complaint, as described above. They can also file an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice. The ADA prohibits discrimination in employment, public services (state and local agencies, courthouses, etc.), and public accommodations (like restaurants, hotels, theaters).

If an individual disagrees with a DARS or DBVI decision regarding their vocational rehabilitation case or if they are dissatisfied with the services being received, they can:

  • Meet with a supervisor or district manager
  • Ask for assistance from the disAbility Law Center of Virginia Client Assistance Program (CAP)
  • Ask for mediation facilitated by a Supreme Court of Virginia mediator
  • Complain to the DARS or DBVI Commissioner
  • Proceed directly to a hearing conducted by an impartial hearing officer

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