Developmental Disabilities Waivers (DD)

There are three (DD) Waivers your child can qualify for depending on your child’s needs.  The DD Waiver can provide lots of support for medical/nursing, care, employment, community living, personal care, behavioral needs,  assistive technology, and much more. The DD waivers have the most comprehensive services but also have a long waiting list divided into three priority levels based on who needs services the soonest. Screenings to decide if your child is eligible for the DD Waivers are done by your local community services board (CSB). There are income and resource requirements for adults. Click on the link to find your CSB.

To learn more about the DD waivers and the services provided to people who qualify, go to My Life My Community or the Department of Medical Assistance Services Waiver Information.

If your child is on a DD Waiver waitlist, make sure to contact your waiver case manager when your child turns 18 to discuss whether this may move them to a higher priority waitlist.

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