Course of Study

The course of study means the classes that a student needs to take to reach their post-secondary outcome. It should be multi-year and be directly aligned (related) to the desired outcomes. Different school divisions will have different course/class offerings. The course of study must be reviewed every year to show that classes were passed and to see if changes are needed.

This section of the transition IEP should be specific. It should not say “not applicable” or “undetermined”. It should not say something like “student will take courses needed to obtain a Standard Diploma.” That is too general.

So, let’s look at Alex and Paulo. For Alex who plans to get a Standard Diploma and work in business, his course of study might include the following (note only 9th and 10th grades are provided as examples).

9th grade – Economics and Personal Finance, Algebra 1, English 9, Strategies for Success

10th grade – Precalculus, Career, and technical education, English 10, Personal and professional skills, community-based internship

Paulo is going to receive the Applied Studies Diploma. He also must have a multi-year course of study that supports his chosen outcome. Here are some possibilities.

9th grade – Foundational mathematics, Foundations of English, Personal Living and Finance, Career Preparation, Life skills

10th grade – Education for Employment, Work Awareness and Transition, Literacy Essentials, internship.

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