Measurable Transition Goals to Achieve Outcomes

You just saw the post-secondary outcomes for Alex, Keisha, and Paulo. Here are the measurable transition goals to help them meet those outcomes.

Given direct instruction in the high school Business Math course and guided practice, Alex will (a) use an adding machine, and (b) create spreadsheets using money management software with 85% accuracy throughout the spring semester of this IEP period.

Given instruction in the task as a whole and a task analysis (breaking down the various parts of the whole task) for bagging groceries, Paulo will demonstrate the steps for bagging groceries with 80% accuracy and no more than one verbal prompt weekly by (specific date).

Given clear instruction on proper care and cleaning of a hearing aid, a task analysis, and weekly opportunities to practice, Keisha will demonstrate the steps of caring for her hearing aid with 90% accuracy by the end of the school year.

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