Transition Activities to Support Goals

So, we have post-secondary outcomes, specific measurable goals, transition services. What’s left? Transition activities and Course of Study (what the student will learn). Let’s look at activities first.

Alex has a post-secondary goal of having a career in business with a first step of enrolling in Kings College and taking a business math class. So, what are some transition activities that can benefit Alex during his transition years? Here are a few:

  • Self-advocacy skills instruction,
  • Personal banking instruction,
  • Computer skills instruction,
  • Referral to Kings College disability services office.

Paulo has a post-secondary goal of working in the grocery store. Here are some activities that may support Paolo’s plan.

  • Instruction on work-related soft skills (attendance, dressing for work, interacting with co-workers and customers, etc.),
  • Learning how to prepare a job application and resume,
  • Practicing interview skills.

Keisha has a post-secondary goal of maintaining her hearing. Some possible activities for Keisha’s plan are:

  • Instruction on hearing aid maintenance,
  • Instruction on how to make an appointment with her audiologist and put them in her calendar,
  • Possible referral to Medicaid for device coverage and/or repair,
  • Referral to/information on local advocacy organizations for individuals who are hearing impaired.

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